Winter 2015 Workshop in Belize
Build it Like the Maya: A workshop on Classical Maya Masonry Technique and its modern applications

Build it like the Maya is a workshop in Belize for students, archeologists, and masons which surveys a range of masonry techniques used during the Maya Classical period. This workshop combines theoretical and practical experiences; drawing on expertise from masonry and archaeology instructors. This workshop includes theory with site visits to Maya archaeological sites in Belize and hands-on applications of masonry techniques. Participants are introduced to classical period Maya masonry, and major masonry innovations and contributions of the ancient Maya. Participants visit Maya ruin sites where they are introduced to broader concepts of classical Maya architecture and shown examples of Maya mason craftsmanship. Participants then have the opportunity to apply the masonry theory they have learned by participating in stone quarrying, stone shaping, wall construction and arch construction. This workshop also introduces elements of modern Belize culture through immersion, culinary exploration, experiential learning and recreation.

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