Belize Trails specializes in the design and construction of sustainable jungle trails.  While sharing our unique adventures in the natural beauty of the jungle, volunteers develop a deeper knowledge of Belizean resource management and expertise in trail work while providing new opportunities for Belize tourism.  Our programs are designed with three goals in mind:

Conservation and Protection of Natural Resources in Belize

Belize has large areas of undeveloped land, providing natural neotropical habitats for many species of endangered flora and fauna.  By working with local and international conservation groups active in Belize, Belize Trails strives to educate visitors on the pressing ecological issues in the area and provide locals with economic opportunities which necessitate a need to protect and preserve intact the natural wonders of the country.

Stimulating Economic Development through Improving Tourism Infrastructure

Tourism is the second largest sector of the Belizean economy.  Although many Belizeans rely on the tourism industry for their financial well being, there is much improvement needed before tourism can realize its full potential in Belize.  Physical access to many tourist destinations is especially difficult because of unpaved roads in disrepair and lack of trails for pedestrian access.  Belize Trails is working to change this through designing, repairing and constructing trails to popular tourist destinations and to sites that could become premier tourist destinations.  By addressing these access problems we are providing a more enjoyable experience for tourists and more opportunities for tour operators and guides wishing to expand their choice of destinations.

Providing Quality Training Opportunities for the Next Generation of Trail Workers

Belize-Trails-LogoBelize needs trails… so do many other beautiful places!  Belize Trails works with local Belizeans and international volunteers to inspire and inform the next generation of trail workers and trail crew leaders.  Our projects are designed to teach the necessary skills for designing and constructing sustainable trails- planning and design, crew leadership, safety, building to established specifications, tool use and maintenance and knowledge of the intricacies of building a variety of trail structures.

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