Belize is a conservation hot-spot.  Approximately 40% of Belize is under protection; by far the largest percentage in the least populous country in Central America.  This also means that there is a lot to conserve.  Threats from population growth, human-wildlife conflict, illegal resource extraction and international incursions are increasing. Belize is endowed with the largest living barrier reef in the world, and the largest contiguous forest in the region. In the heart of the Neo-Tropics, the region harboring the highest concentration of bio-diversity in the world, conservation in Belize is of critical global importance.  Belize Trails volunteers come to Belize in the spirit of conservation, and to learn.  Along the way, they are introduced to one of “Mother Nature’s Best Kept Secrets” and the diverse cultures of Belize.

While you are in Belize, you will have the opportunity to see nature free of human impact; waterfalls, rain forests, wildlife, and stunning scenery. But you will also see nature in retreat. The realities of a developing country can be harsh and shocking at times. Belize is a land of great contrast; at once a peaceful, democratic nation racing toward development; and an backdrop for unsustainable growth.  As a significant sector of the Belizean economy, tourism may hold the key to balancing economic development and rain forest conservation.  By fostering ecotourism in Belize, tour operators are creating much needed local jobs reliant on the preservation of protected natural areas.  Belize Trails exists to provide a direct benefit to the organizations working to conserve Belize’s protected areas and to create ecotourism opportunities; made possible by governmental and non-governmental commitment, and volunteers from around the world.

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