Study, work and volunteering abroad can be very rewarding. For many people, the experience is pivotal.  Belize Trails is founded by people who deeply appreciate how volunteer experiences abroad can mold one into a more aware, worldly and tolerant person.  During most of your two to four week volunteer experience with Belize Trails, you’ll be camping with a group of volunteers in some of Belize’s diverse eco-systems; including jungle and pine savanna. There your work will focus on improving access and safety to some of Belize’s most impressive destinations by improving trails and tourism infrastructure. And at the end of these trails is some of Belize’s most beautiful natural features including waterfalls, ruins, caves and other points of interest. Belize Trails staff is committed to providing the highest quality experience for it’s volunteers, and destination access infrastructure for Belize. As such Belize Trails is committed to sustainable development and international best practice standards outlined by the International Eco-Tourism Society’s Voluntourism Guidelines.

We find it critical that during your volunteer experience with Belize Trails, you work along-side local Belizean co-workers. This element is perhaps the best part of the camping experience. You will exchange ideas and perspectives with locals involved in conservation efforts, hear traditional Belizean tales around the camp fire, learn a little creole, and with a little effort on your part, you may make friends for life.

We also work hard to provide enriching experiences which draw on local expertise.  During your stay, you will be introduced to major elements of Ecology and Natural History, Geology and Hydrology; as well as basic “bush skills” which may include shelter building, water and food procurement, and some basics of tropical forest survival.



Two week volunteer vacation experiences include the following items:
– Hostel for the nights in-town
– Tour of San Ignacio including and introduction to culture and history.
– Welcome dinner and orientation with Belize Trails staff.
– Transport to and from the work-site.
– Food and water while at camp site; basic provisions such as coffee and oats.
– All tools materials, supervision and training needed to complete the trail construction projects.
– All personal safety gear (gloves, safety glasses, hard hats, etc. will be available when needed).

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