justinprofilepicFOUNDER Belize Trails co-founder Justin Ford has lived and worked in Belize for 11 years.  As an undergraduate student of International & Area Studies at the University of Oklahoma, Justin completed 3 study abroad programs in preparation for a career overseas.  Justin then pursued his Master Degree in Sustainability and Environmental Management completing his thesis in Protected Areas Finance at Harvard University.  In 2010 Justin founded the departments of Eco-tourism Development and Natural Resource Management at Sacred Heart College in San Igancio, Belize.  In 2011, Justin became the Executive Director of the Wildlife Institute and Co-Director of the Belize Wildlife & Referral Clinic.  Justin remains involved in tourism development as a international educational tour operator, through his work with Belize Trails and as a consultant and researcher.




chadprofilepicFOUNDER & MANAGER Chad Burrow is an avid outdoorsman who worked for the United States Park Service as a trails leader and dry-stone mason for 10 years and as a trails design consultant in Belize. Chad was a trail crew leader at the Grand Canyon for 6 years- instructing volunteer crews and specializing in the construction of stone trail structures- and has worked and trained at parks from coast to coast. Chad has training and experience in rigging design, sustainable trail design, and applying international specifications to trail work.  Chad had also done research on traditional stone construction techniques, ancient road design and Mayan masonry methods.  As a dry stone mason and trail design expert, Chad provides the field leadership, planning, quality assurance and management for all Belize Trails projects.

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